#RPGaDay2016 Day 14 Your dream team of people you used to game with?


My dream team? Are you nuts !!!  How about I do not affect or upset any of the amazing people that I have ever had the pleasure to game with! I am not putting that down in a blog to be written in stone for all time… OH NO! not going to happen.

So instead were going to go with this question.

Best way’s to bring your dream team of gamers together !

There now that I have a question I am far more interested in let’s get to it. Like myself the longer we game and older we get. One by one unless we are very lucky gamers will move on. Real life will pull us in many directions. Between life the universe and everything that will conspire to eat up your precious game time. You will also have to deal with adulting. Family, work, sleep, and all manner of other things you might conceive.

Worse yet is when we add distance into the equation it rapidly becomes far more difficult still. I over the years have met gamers that too this day travel several hours to make their weekly games! The desire to play with our friends is powerful and very real. Yet at some point, many, many gamers just have to move on and find new groups.

So how do we keep those fires burning with our fellow gamers once we have been forcefully pulled from the table? Well for many years some of the only outlets to keep in touch with our long lost long distance games were. Play By Posts groups. These in the days of Pre-internet were literally RPGs by Mail… UGH! later PBP format was adopted by MUDS MUSHES and Forums. And believe it or not many of these are still used to this day!

Thankfully we now live in the future ! With the advent of Virtual Tabletops now such as Fantasy Grounds and Roll20.net or even Steam’s Tabletop Simulator. There is no longer any reason not to gather your friends around and form that destiny dream team!

So stop reading this, stop thinking about your dream team. Get out there download a Tabletop and invite your dream team to the table!


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