#RPGaDay2016 Day 9 Beyond the game, what’s involved in an ideal session?


Okay, this one I will say stumps me a bit so I will be short sweet and move on to ones that inspire me a bit more. My ideal session involves a few factors.

  1. A nice full table of players interested and excited for the upcoming game session. For me, a nice full table is more than 5-7 players.
  2. Eager happy players that have arrived on time and preferably early. As well as ready for a good game session!
  3. Little to no interruptions other than breaks and a good six-hour or seven-hour game session.
  4. At the end of the game knowing some or all of the players are heading to a movie or out to eat to further celebrate friendship and gaming together!

So other than that I guess that is the 4 key things for me in an ideal session. I will stretch this blog out a hair and expand on each point just a hair.

So why 5-7 players ? For me the answer is two-fold. One I have a table that will fit 8 players. When it only has 3-4 players sitting down if feels empty. Secondly, It gives the party plenty of diversity and a little overlap.

Why do I want my players to show up early and or on time ? That’s simple all of my gamers are friends and we like all friends miss one and other. We also have a huge gift of gab in my group. So I want to give the players that chance to get it out of their system before the game, starts plain and simple.

So next up, why 6-7 hour sessions. Well, I figure with a quick break every hour or two at about 15 min each that weighs in at about a 5-6 hour game night. Any longer and people’s attention begins to drift and you run the risks of players missing important plot hooks.

And lastly, I love going out and hanging out after one of my games! And if you don’t know why it’s so important to hang out with the people  you play games with. You might start looking for a new group.


    • I might have bought my game table with the intention that no more than 7 players can fit comfortably intentionally lol.
      4 is a good number but I have just run with 6 or 7 for so long I love the feel of it. That said I know in the FLGS there are two GM’s that run regular games for 8-13 PLAYERS !!! its insanity. But they use a back up GM to help keep combat rolling as well.. Its pretty crazy to watch. But they pull it off. In the end it’s all about the comfort level of the GM.


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