#RPGaDay2016 Day 10 Largest In-Game surprise you have experienced ?


This one happened in the last few years. We were playing in my friend’s homebrew world. He had a Pathfinder society style group if I recall called the “Adventure league or Guild”. Groups would seek opportunity’s or even be hired to search out or clues in dangerous locations. Well, our merry group sought job after job and eagerly traveled the world in seek of fame and fortune.

After a time we began to notice a string of these jobs having a similar theme. Everyone just figured we had attracted a wealthy benefactor that was moving us in the direction of some greater task we had not fully become aware of yet. This went on for many months of real gaming and nearly a year of in game time.

In the end, it was revealed to the group that indeed we were hired by a wealthy benefactor… IN fact, it was the bad GUY !

Well played DM! Well, Played.

One thing that I took away from that game as a GM. A renewed reminder always look for clever ways to present a story to your players. Look for the possibility of presenting your stories with unique and unexpected twists. As well as do not be afraid to spend a few game sessions develop your plot.

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