Pokemon Go..I’ve been caught.


So I like the millions and millions of other with mobile phones I have been swept up in the tidal wave that is Pokemon Go. That’s right fellow trainer I am with one of you, one of us, we are legion…and damn it’s fun.

It is not really the gameplay. Let’s be honest at this point in the game there really is not any. At this stage of the game, there really is not much to the game other than walking around and capturing Pokemon and stopping by gyms for quick battles and Pokestops.  Yet literally Millions of people are playing this game. Not only are they playing this game they are getting up turning off their TVs and walking outside. Picking a direction and exploring!

I can’t tell you how many people including myself have said that they have found places in their town that they did not know were there. It also is bringing strangers together. Much like MMO players are drawn to Gyms for “boss” Fights and to defend their gym as well. Or Pokestops where lures have been dropped to attract more Pokemon.  Once you get there it is obvious to other players that You are a trainer.

Early on I was worried I would be the only middle-aged man in sight and grin and shrug saying “Got to catch them all right ? ”  Yet that never happened as more and more I found most of my fellow trainers were the adults. Out about and determined to get that Growlithe or any of the other elusive little critters out there.

I will end with a fun little experience I had

Lures attract more than Wild Pokemon they attract trainers. From my house, I can see two Pokestops on my phone. Well all night long for hours I noticed every time I looked at my phone that the Pokestop down the street at the pond had an active lure on it. At first, I did not think anything about it. It wold take me most of the lure duration to walk down there and take advantage of it anyway. Around 9 pm nearly 3 hours of constant lures being dropped I decided to go check it out.

When I arrived there were about six couples walking around the pond and three cars parked near the Pokestop. So I decided to take a lap assuming that likely only one other person was here at the pond playing Pokemon. After about half a lap around the pond, I began to notice that everyone. Literally, everyone that was at the pond was playing Pokemon Go. Around 10 most of us had started to gather near the Pokestop that likely about to call it a night. A police car pulls up and the officer turns on his spotlight and rolls down his window. Holds out his phone and tags the Pokestop, Laughing he says “Pokepond is closed go home! Come back tomorrow.”  Everyone laughs and waves and  we all begin our walks back to our home.

So I leave you with this. Get out have fun and catch them all. Good luck, Have fun, Catch them all and meet people!



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