Board Game Night? Review of Robo Rally

Well, it is Sunday and more in a perfect world I am on my way to play two full sessions of Tabletop RPG! But not everyone gets to have all that fun. Even more, people would rather sit back pop a beer and relax on Sunday for game day. So here you go today I am reblogging a review of Robo Rally! The game that will drive you to drink!

Its a great game that has been around in one form or another since the 90s. One of the best parts of Robo Rally is the inevitable robot dance that will ensue once you start taking damage and plotting your turns as the game goes on.. add a few beers and this game is a riot. Enjoy this good review!

What do you do on a lazy friday night? How about get together with friends and play some board games! Wet met up at a local brewery taproom, and our friend brought a game he said we had to try out called Robo Rally. (My apologies in advance for the lack of photos… beer was […]

via Tabletop Review – Robo Rally — The DM’s Apprentice

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