Be Still

Often as GM’s we have to battle “the burn” in our struggle to continue to turn out regular content to our players. The biggest fear many of us have is to see our quality of creativity drop from game to game. Or worse yet have to tap out due to burnout. No one wants that, not you and not your players. After all, many groups are not blessed with more than one Gamemaster.  If you are, look around the table and be happy that you are not the normal group. If you have more than two gamemasters you are part of an extremely rare luxury as a gamer.

So how does one battle the beast that is burnout ? There are many things you can try to keep the burn at bay. But one of the most overlooked solutions that will often give your creativity a good kick in the backside is to simply be still. Sit up walk away tune out and turn off. Step away from your computer and any of your electronic devices. Remove yourself from any easy distraction. Put your phone down when you step away as well. In this day and age with so much stimulus around us at all times. Often you will find that distraction is your number one enemy.

Go for a walk, mow your lawn or do yoga. Meditate or just sit on your porch without any devices that could distract you from being mentally still. Bring a notebook and a pen or pencil. Sit down and relax. Your brain is a machine and for most everyone it hates to sit idle. Often just taking this simple step will go a long way to kick starting your creative process again.

So the next time you hit the wall, stifle your frustration, step away, and be still.

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