Privateer Press Announces All-New Editions of WARMACHINE and HORDES

I know I am a little late getting to the party on this one. But it is still big news none the less. That’s right after six years with one rules set. Privateer Press is launching a new Edition. The fist glimpses we will get will come in June.

“The current editions of the games are now six years old,” said WARMACHINE and HORDES creator and Chief Creative Officer Matt Wilson. “During that time we’ve accumulated a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience from observing, listening to, and interacting with our worldwide community of players and retailers about how to continue to improve their experience with our games. After years of intensive work, we’re finally ready to share the outcome of that process and give our community what they’ve been asking for in our games.”

What we do know is we will see at least 9 new Warcasters in the starter boxes.
All the main details are Here

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