Ken the Whit Whitman Breaking Bad.

Almost like Walter White that just cant keep form Breaking Bad. It seems that Ken has moved on from preying on gamer’s. Now he is preying on up and coming actor hopefuls.
Recently as of an hours of this posting Ken put the following post up on the Atlanta Film Community Facebook Group.
This comes as a surprise to those of us in the know as all of this equipment was purchased for the KODT Live action Kickstarter. Now they were additionally used in  other Kickstarter as well but the funds to buy this equipment came from the KODT kick to be clear.

Now to be clear as confirmed by Jolly Blackburn (quoted with permission from Facebook)That this equipment was claimed sold and gone.

-shakes head- Um, yeah – the equipment he claimed was long gone/sold. I figured as much. and yes – paid for with KODTLAS backer money. Tis a fact.

Now at the time of my writing this Ken “claims” he has 4 people ready to go on this project and 9 likes in under an hour and he will be charging them $100 dollars per actor.

It is interesting to not here as well that Ken is posting up in “Atlanta” when he had told most people that he had left the Atlanta area and claimed to be moving to Vegas. Well we now know that is not the case. In honesty no one was fooled, this is just confermation.

Shame on you Ken.

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