Ken Whitman a tale of Self Destruction.

Well Ken Whitman has gone quiet again. Traditionally when Ken goes silent bad things follow. This time to no ones surprise is no different. There have been many developments on the D20 Entertainment front. And as per usual none of it is good.

By now many other bloggers have pointed out that we now know that Ken has picked up and moved to Atlanta to start an acting career. As well that in the wake of this move apparently some of the Kickstarter rewards that were interned for backers of his products were shipped to Noble Knight Games instead of his new residence in Atlanta.

It’s a sad shame when you think about it. Ken has been handed a “Get out of Jail Free” card  for most of this at one point or another. Yet time and time again he either turns his back on the offer or does something else self-destructive. All the while the majority of his backers have just wanted their product delivered.

We know now for some time that many have claimed that they had not yet received their KotDT20 years covers. It is now well-known and documented that Ken gave these books to NKG way back in April. Well before he even claimed he had shipped the last of the books out? With so much turmoil already going on around the project. Don’t forget other Kickstarters were involved in this, Because NKG also purchased the Ships from the Spinward Traveller KS as well.

On the note of Noble Knight Games and their unwitting purchase of products its sad to see another good gaming company be lumped into this mess that just overall leaves a bad taste in the mouths of everyone in the industry. It seems that even when Ken decides to pick up and move on with his life he needed to add just one more group to the long list of offenders in this path.

The motivation and reasoning behind selling these things off is nothing more than self-destructive He was given an olive branch by KotDT at GenCon in hopes to just get the footage and move forward with a clean slate. In Jolly’s own words

Jolly Blackburn KotDT-
“We were to have a nice sit down – talk it out and get the raw footage from him. He packed up in the middle of the night and went back to Kentucky with no word.”

As well as ZOE- has offered to take the film from Ken and Edit it. Completely free on their own dime. Just so the backers can see their dream finished and we can put all of this behind us. Yet ken as yet to send them the footage. All they need is the last 30 min and the raw footage for the outtakes. Yet even after saying yes, With the light at the end of the tunnel for at least this kickstarter. Ken has yet to deliver the product to ZOE.

As to the ZOE situation Jolly and I spoke at some length as well and when I started this I was not going to include further comment. But they warrant stating now that he has publicly said on the kickstarted something that came up as we spoke.

Jolly Blackburn KotDT-

You know Ken could take a lot of heat off his neck (for THIS project anyway) if he would just turn over the damn footage to ZOE. That would be huge — and a big step toward getting a DVD done. Or – at the very least – a “best possible’ cut that backers could download.

The fact he hasn’t taken advantage of such a generous offer for assistance is making me think he either doesn’t have the raw footage any longer (would really explain I guess why he seemed unable to fix the issues/do a better job of editing the various takes together) or he’s withholding it to leverage money somehow. With zero communication obviously we’re simply left with guesses and theorie

Again so much of it seems so easily remedied that it is mind-boggling why with so many doors open why Ken insists on closing them  instead of walking through to the other side and seeing this thing done.

So Ken remains silent and he starts up his acting career in Atlanta. Yet now we hear tell that he has already left Atlanta and moved on to greener pastures.  Added to the D20 Site having been down for going on two weeks. Out of the blue ken brought it back up to attempt to take advantage of “Black Friday/Cyber-Monday” with this cards against humanity style play.

The thing is Ken, With CAH people get it. It’s funny because they have NEVER screwed their fans. Last year they sold them crap.. And people paid for crap. But they bought it because they were told they were buying crap and knew it in advance. NOT because they were promised they were going to get a new deck of CAH and what was delivered was a cow patty.This year they sold them nothing. And people paid for it. WHY?  Simply because they love the company and chose to support a company that has given them so MANY, MANY good projects. In short Ken Whitman you have no right to play on the good will of anyone.


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