6 Tips To Make You A Better Gamemaster

My Great Friend Modoc over at RollingBoxcars made a great write up that goes very well with this weeks theme. Give it a read let him know if you enjoy it. And if you don’t follow him yet you should start!

Rolling Boxcars

Gamemasters come from all walks of life and backgrounds and we have all learned our craft from different sources and experiences. Those experiences have helped to shape us into the gamemasters we are today, but can we be better? I think we are always in a constant state of learning and to that end these simple tips that will help make you a better and well-rounded gamemaster.

d10-1 During your planning phase, ensure that you have a solid grasp of the game rules. If you don’t, be upfront and honest with your prospective players. They will be appreciative knowing in advance that the first few sessions will be a learning process for you and maybe for them as well.

d10-2 Communication is key; stay in communication with your players during the planning phase and between sessions. Nobody likes their questions to go unanswered so be a little attentive to the needs of your players…

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