Kickstarter Watch. DRAGONLOCK 28mm Scale Dungeon Gaming Terrain

The next Kickstarter on my radar has my attention and at the moment I can’t even use it if I were to get it! Whats that you ask, Dragonlock! But why would it be on my watch list if I can not even put it to use. Because it is a great idea that’s why!

1bc14d02ceae50d5cdec90d51d4f2b27_originalSo what is Dragonlock ? Well Fat Dragon Games the creators of awesome papercraft terrain has decided to begin marketing to the 3D printer crowd and it is simply genius. It’s just as simple as you would expect. Back their project and you get your hands on some sweet printable 3D printer formats to start cranking out your own terrain for your RPG games.

466c29d50a32b67136c3311b6387787a_originalNot much more to say here. If you have a 3D printer and your reading about this right now. Then this is likely a project you want to get behind. Go give it a look! 

Dragonlock Kickstarter. HERE

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