Dusting off the Burn

For those of you who follow my page. You might have noticed that I have been rather quiet of late. Well let me say I hope that my quiet spell is reaching an end. I have picked up the broom and mop and I am now hard at work at getting this page back in order. Regular posts and reviews will begin flowing again.

I think I overdid it there for a bit and I hit the burnout wall hard. I spent the RPGaDay2015 posting a blog a day as well as working on my regular content. At the start is was easy I got a jump early in and had written up much of the calendar in advance.

But in the end it caught up with me and it wore me out. Following that the local hobby store that help support was flooded. I set bog aside to help anywhere I could and it took a week to get the store back in order (I did little in that area) but there was a massive amount of things that the store asked my assistance with in posting on E bay and getting that all up took a considerable amount of time.  Added to my own E bay and this poor little blog got left by the wayside.

The good news is it all helped serve as a distraction for the other reason why I was not blogging. I was feeling the burn hard and I did not want to admit it. It was only today that I have really looked at the page in more than a month and said let’s get back to this. I will be moving forward just how I started all of this two years ago. One blog in front of the other.
Wish me luck..

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