Hold Me Closer Tiny Dungeon

The best part about Tiny Dungeons is that you get the taste for your Dungeon Delves and you can be in and out in one session often. I also loved the Dungeon Delve book and it sill sits in a spot on my shelf as a go too idea book. Along with the great first ed Encounter cards.

I had never liked with long Delves and that drew me as well to begin running Smaller Dungeons. The two biggest issues that I had with long delves feel to the time sink and the death of RP. Once a party dipped into the the first few rooms of a dungeon the games always would shift immediately from a free form fast paced game to a room by room slog. As well as because of this the first thing to fall by the wayside was inevitably the roleplay.

I highly recommend for all GM’s to give the Tiny Dungeon theory a try. It will fast become thing of second nature once you embrace it.
And you game the added bonus any Delve into a Large Dungeon becomes farm more epic in feel because your players are used to being in and out in a few hours of play.

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