Game Master Tips with Wil Wheaton: Saying Yes!

Sometime the best creative energy comes from the players themselves. Allowing them to have input makes them care more deeply about the world they are in as well. As a GM the more we can do to make our players invest and buy into the stories we weave the better the tension and joy we feel at when the players have to overcome trials and tribulations.

If it does not break the rules or leave you in a situation as a GM where the story will suffer because of what “Yes” applies to. I say go for it.

The Roleplayer's Guild

I was pretty impressed with this weeks Game Master Tip on the Mary Sue with Wil Wheaton. For one thing, as much as possible I believe saying “Yes” to whatever crazy plots or similar your players come up with is rather important. When you do so, it help your players feel like a part of the world and show that their ideas are being validated. A good example of me improvising on the fly like this was with the safe house security features a player came up with in the Night’s Black Agents one shot, Nightfall.

I was particularly enthused with how far Wil went with this, when he actually modified the rules for a druids companion animal from another system (DnD?) to provide Aankia with her robot pal, Jeremy. Most importantly, he did so in a way without complicating the game in any extraneous manner – adding…

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