Storm-Con Is A Wrap!

As I am the RPG guy for this con and Modoc is a fellow organizer he sums up much of my feelings of this years Con. It was a great success and I look forward to next year !

Rolling Boxcars

I am still riding the con high from this past weekend. Storm-Con is always an amazing event to organize and be at. If you have the chance to be there next year, you owe it to yourself to be there!

Our attendance numbers were over 300 again this year and while we did not notice much in the way of growth, we’re happy with the attendance numbers and the great vibes all the attendees brought to the con. We’re still taking surveys from the attendees, but the overwhelming majority of the survey comments has been very positive and encouraging. We know there were some noise issues and a few other hotel induced issues we were not able to resolve. This will not be a problem next year since we have to relocate due to the hotel going under renovation. Enough of this, on to the cool stuff!

This is the…

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