Interview with Jolly Blackburn

One of my New Years Resolutions was to bring some cool interviews to my blog. My first blog  interview got quite a bit of attention. Yet it was not my first review for the blog. It was just the first interview that I could post. I wanted to wait to post this interview on my blog until it was published.  So as you have already seen from the title of this blog my first interview was with Jolly Blackburn.

Let me first say that it was an honor to have the chance to do an interview with Jolly Blackburn. I have been a fan of his work from the moment I saw his first comic. I even have minis of the KODT crew that came out in the 90s. So when I asked Jolly if he would be interested in an interview and he said yes. It was an equally exciting and suddenly intimidating moment. The first thought I had when I read his response that he would do the interview was “GREAT, what the hell do I ask him !!” Because honestly I had not thought he would say yes !

In time I had my questions and we were underway. I was happy that I was going to be able to feature Jolly Blackburn’s interview on my blog was exciting. Then Jolly put out the call for stories of gaming for the upcoming 25th anniversary issue of KODT comic #220. Without hesitation I messaged Jolly and asked him “It’s the 25th anniversary issue, why not stick the interview in the issue?” And yet again Jolly’s response was yes.
The honor of being a featured part of the 25th anniversary issue of KODT. Beyond words how awesome I am to have been a part of it.

So here we are, My interview with Jolly Blackburn. I am very proud of the end result.
(even if my name appeared accidentally misspelled lol)


KoDT220_p42-64 _KoDT208_p41-64 (1)





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