Tropes: Zombie Edition Review


Peter C.Spahn
Interior Art: Luigi Castellani
Cover Art: Joe J. Calkins (Cerberus
Graphic Design: Luigi Castellani
Production: Small Niche Games

Ever wanted to play a game that explores the deep personal horror of the zombie apocalypse? Where the choices you make in times of crisis define who you are? Where zombies are only a backdrop and humans are responsible for the true evils in the world?

Well, go find another game!

TROPES: Zombie Edition is a wonderful one shot game of zombie mayhem. This is not a game designed for players that want to play a walking dead style zombie game. For games like that you would be better to seek out systems like AFMBE or End of the World.
But when you want total zombie chaos and player death on a massive scale, this is the game you are looking for. In TROPES when you die you just reach into the bucket and pick your next PC. TROPES embraces the zombie at its most base form and its a thing of beauty.

Fast paced simple character creation. Solid simple rules. And the game doe not take itself too seriously.

As with any action fast rules light game sometimes you will get a rule or two that will be rather brutal on the players. And in this case Combat is deadly. This is obviously intentional but how damage is distributed during Mass Combat is Brutal. As everyone involved splits the damage among the party.

What Is its rating ? 

15 D20Well with a solid theme and rules this game starts out the gate strong. Knowing that is best intended as a one shot SNG never try’s to deviate from this and they make a polished product that will provide great one shot games for a long time to come. This is one of those pack it in your con bag games and bring it along. The perfect game to whip out when you will be missing a player for the night and someone says “lets play board games!”  Throw this bad boy on the table and say no were still gaming and were all going to die A LOT !

I rate it as a 15 its better than average and for what it does it is far better than most other zombie games. It does not take itself to serious and it lives perfectly up the name of the company. Small Niche Games.

Where can you get it ?
2015-04-23 23.44.46

And if you hop over HERE you can read a great interview with the Author of TROPES

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