Product Review – Corporia

I tossed this up on my blog as I was able to get my hands on the physical copy and look it over myself. I was one of the ones asked in this review what I thought about the art. And While the setting struck me as an interesting one. The Photography in place of art was oddly a huge issue for me like was noted here. Some of it came close to hitting the mark where the images were shopped to add Tech Elements to the picture. But others were so distracting it took me right out of the book. For me the photo that still days later stands out to me was a shot of two men in business suits fighting. One guy is jump kicking the other guy with bare feet. It sounds pick but the entire time I was looking at these two pages of the book I kept looking back up at the photo.. and saying why the hell are these guys in suits fighting barefoot ???
again the premise struck me as interesting the Dice system I thought was sound. ( D6 Fan) but the art make it jarring to keep my focus on the page.

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