The Strange: Cypher & Creature Decks

Not exactly a new product but new for me. I wanted to pass the word on in a mini review of the Creature and Cypher Decks for The Strange RPG. My Decks arrived from DriveThruRPG the other day. I mostly knew what I was getting as I already have the Numenera Creature and Cypher Decks. As to the layout the Creature Deck is nearly identical to the Numeneara Creature Deck with the exception being that each creature card on has a small icon in the bottom corner. These Icons can help you sort what type of recursion that the creature is from. Nifty little idea.  2015-04-22 22.03.01

As for The Strange Cypher deck I personally find it a visually better product then the Numenera Deck. This is nothing more than a personal preference in any case. They are in essence the same basic product yet the layout is easier to take in.
What makes these products so great is how useful they are at the table. No flipping through the bestiary or the main book. Shuffle up a few cards and go. Or if you have prep time before game pick up what you need in advance and all the info is there at your fingertips. Heck you could even give the cards to your players from the cypher deck until they use them. This would be a helpful reminder of how fast cyphers are intended to come and go and the card will sit with them as a consent reminder of a tool they might be able to bring into play at the session. After all we have all been there where we forget an item we had written down only to realize that you forgot it in the moment it would have been the most useful. 2015-04-22 22.06.21

Well that’s about all I have.  If you want any more ideas on uses for these cards check out this video.  If you click on the video and skip over to 1:22  you will see why MCG likes these cards so much. Or you can just watch the whole video.

If you are interested in picking up the cards you can order a set for yourself Here & Here

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