An Open Letter to Clan Malkavian….

One of my most favorite of clans yet so riddled with missteps in how played and GM’S constantly,tragically represent them so poorly.


Hey Clan Malkav,

How you doing? It’s been a while. You have kind of taken a backseat role since WOD transitioned from Masquerade to Requiem. You went from being one of the most popular and fleshed out groups in the franchise to becoming a psychological affliction that peppers bloodsuckers with insanity across the board. You get a cute little section in ‘Ventrue Lords Over the Damned’ but it’s fair to say that you lot have fallen on hard times.

In comparison to the other clans I would argue that you are the most misunderstood, misused and misplayed. Insanity in reality, is scary. I mean, HELLA scary (trust me, I’m like toats an expert with my B.S in psychology). Oftentimes in stories the revelation that all the craziness and death that takes place is caused by one person with unsound thoughts rather than a monster or thing is far more terrifying. Unfortunately, you…

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