Kobold’s Corner: Pillars Of Eternity Impressions: NPC Writing

Good read, you are the second person that has mentioned to me how great PoE is. This is now on my list of must play games.
That said these tips are great to any DM/GM as well at the Tabletop. When you make NPC’s that your players value they will grow to love the world around them as much as their own Character.
Making a player put value in an NPC good or bad. Makes every interaction with them that much better. This is a wonderful way to curb the much hated Murder Hobo groups that DM’s dread.
But much like any MMO. Not everyone needs a name. Suzy the barmaid only requires a name if she is addressed by the players and they engage her in conversation. Until that time she is just a Drone on auto pilot. This goes for any other NPC that is not a key character in your stories.

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