Weather Phenomenons in RPGs Episode.034

Excellent article ! Weather is just one more tool in a GM box of tricks to make a memorable scene! Great read thank you !

Nanook of the Nerd

For the past hour, you have kept an eye on the approaching storm through the partially shuttered window of Killian Tavern dreading the worst.  Slow as it may be, the latest arriving caravan reports it was far more powerful than usual as they could see trees falling over from a distance as they just outraced it by a few dozen miles.  The atmosphere of the tavern this evening is grim as the news from the storm has even the heartiest men worried of the structure of the building – the only source of protection for dozens of miles.  Barchlet, the tavern owner, has announced the small fruit cellar has as many ladies and kids as it can hold with a few remaining in the main hall.  You know there is little else to do but hope it isn’t as bad as the reports.  Suddenly there is a loud crash on…

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