The End Of The World: Zombie Apocalypse.

EW01_book_left (1)So far I have really enjoyed what I have been reading from FFG about their new end of the world line of games. Well if you don’t want to go spend the big bucks to get the hardcover and you enjoy PDF formats. Now is your chance to head on over and pick up a copy of the game. The book looks to be getting great reviews and I know two pod casting groups that have decided to move this to one of their feature night games.
This gritty zombie setting features five different styles of zombie Apocalyptic events. And a nifty fast paced dice system.
How long will you and your group survive the end of the world ?
You can pick it up HERE.


  1. Sorry bro, that’s not a sale. That is how all the major imprints price thier PDF products. They will list their Suggested retail price of the physical book and then indicate that the price of the PDF is on sale based on the original SRP. If it were truely on sale, the price would be lower than the normal PDF of $19.99. You can find the physical book online for not much more than PDF. Just my observation, but marketing tricks is all this is.



    • You are absolutely right. It seems I was a victim of doing two things at once. I was playing my weekly roll20 game when I saw this and thew it up in my excitement. I was excited to have just picked up the new Numenera Ninth world guidebook for 17.99 confused the price of the two books. As I fell prey to the Today’s sale icon next to the featured products. Somewhere in there I got it in my head that the EOTW:ZA was 17.99 as well being two bucks cheaper.

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