@Your Table Review: PFRPG rd

So today I will be sitting down and tossing the dice in our weekly mythic pathfinder game. So this review is about what in my opinion is probably the best go to app for Pathfinder if you are not running the game. PFRPG rd is exactly that a Pathfinder RPG reference Document. For the low-cost of free you can get the lite version and check out this app and try it out. Or you can buy the full version for about the price of a cup of coffee. If you chose to get this reference doc app here are a few of the things you’re getting.

488594793-screenshot-ipad-2With the app you have a few things that it brings to the table. Simply put its faster. And we gamers need to be able to reference things fast. Addition if you do not have internet access you still have this app right there for you. Second it is searchable and has a tab feature so that you can keep several pages up at once. Tabs remain open when you minimize the app. Lastly they update this thing constantly. So for the price of a cup of coffee you are getting all the books.

The PFRPG rd is free on the web. You can not book mark portions of the rd. And if you close the app any of the tabs you may have had opened are cleared.

Would I Buy it ? 
Yup, Its a darn good app and it never fails that if I am playing Pathfinder I pull this app up at least once a game session. Added to that you often can find things with this app faster than anyone at the table can search a PDF or find it in the books.

Where can I get it ? 
PFRPG rd can be found on both the Android and iOS and PC. Enjoy !

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