Numenera Movie !?!

Yeah it’s been so long and I completely forgot about it myself. But apparently MCG’s is going through there list of things they have not worked on yet and is checking off the box of… Were making a movie ! From MCG’s today:

 The Numenera film. I bet you thought we forgot, didn’t you? Heck no. We promised a film if we made it to $500,000 on the Numenera Kickstarter, and we’ve been working hard on making this thing happen. After a few false starts last year–we really, really wanted to find a company to work with who “got” Numenera–things are moving forward. We can’t reveal very much yet, but let me tell you this: we recently watched the teaser and got to see the movie poster and OH MY GOD. We are so incredibly excited about the possibilities right now. So keep an eye out, as we’ll be revealing more on this as we can!

Well so that’s going to be a thing . At this time I that’s all I have. After all the years of hoping for an awesome RIFTS movie. I for one am eager to see it !


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