“More Game of Thrones, Less Time Bandits”

A good post. As a DM you have to remember your players are as much a key part of the story as the story you are telling. If you they are not having fun. Your game will quickly become dry up to a dead husk of enjoyment. There is a line as a DM we have to walk carefully. We are not slaves to our players and not everyone can be happy all of the time. The theme of something to love, something to hate and something to fear is a great mix in games.

The Learning DM

latestSince 5th edition launched, I have been playing D&D regularly, and loving it. The group consists of my son, a guy I played D&D with back in high school, plus his daughter, and a good friend I met after we both were pretty much done playing D&D back in college. It has been a fantastic experience, and I have been overwhelmingly happy with the way things have gone so far. My players seem to enjoy themselves, too.

I was chatting with the buddy I met in college about the campaign. He ran one session, and did a fantastic job of it. We love discussing ways to make the game better. I know storytelling and interaction are two things he really loves, and I asked him if he felt like the game was meeting his needs in this respect. What he said really threw me for a loop.

“I am having…

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