Nice piece Fieldmechanik I think I will be adding this chart to my 5E game . Love the brick by the way.

Children of the Ampersand



“Sleight of Hand” is one of the 18 skills in 5th edition D&D. It is a Dexterity skill. This is because “Sleight of Hand” also known as Prestidigitation or Legerdemain, is the set of techniques used to manipulate objects secretly. The employment of purely manual dexterity without mechanical apparatus may be distinguished as “Sleight of Hand.”

There are eight principles to the study of “Sleight of Hand.” These include:

  1. Palm – To hold an object in an apparently empty hand.
  2. Switch – To secretly exchange one object for another.
  3. Ditch – To secretly dispose of an unneeded object.
  4. Steal – To secretly obtain a needed object.
  5. Load – To secretly move an object to where it is needed.
  6. Simulation – To give the impression that something has happened that has not.
  7. Misdirection – To lead attention away from a secret move.
  8. Display – To demonstrate an object…

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