Adventures in the East Mark is No More

Sad news from X-D. I have had the pleasure of private convesations back and forth in the past and I was looking forward to more from them in 2015. Sorry to see you guys go!
Thank you Modoc for a great write up. I was just setting up to write one about this very topic. But you hit all the marks here.

Rolling Boxcars

Last night the American publisher of Adventures in the East Mark, X-D Publishing, released a Kickstarter statement that they were no long a Licensee. This is a bummer right at the end of the year, but what can you do, right? Here’s the full statement.

This is the update that I’ve not wanted to write but I want to be open with you, our fantastic backers.

Due to a number of factors, the relationship with X-D and our Spanish partners will not continue. I am sad about that, especially as that means that the East Mark product line will not continue in the US, at least in the near future and under the eXtra-Dimensional banner. This does also include the Walkure license too, but fortunately this severing of our licence may mean you see that product in the US sooner than if it had remained with us.

So what happened?…

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