Friday Night Magic Runs off Roleplaying – Help Me Bring it Back

Great Points and a good Read. I have over the years mostly just come to accept that Friday Night Magic becomes the Card Flipper invasion. But There use to be some great groups in many stores that would get together on Friday nights and play long into the night.

Rolling Boxcars

I went by the biggest of the local gaming stores recently on a Friday evening. I was horrified to find not a single RPG being played on, of all days, a Friday evening. What’s the meaning of this? I used to recall a time when there was several small groups that would meet there on Friday evenings to play. Not to mention all the miniatures games that used to get played on Fridays there as well. Out go the Roleplayers and in their place was a room filled with Magic the Gathering players.

I am all for the continuation and the expansion of the hobby in all directions, but to the exclusivity of just one aspect? I totally get the MtG players pay money to play and Roleplayers are, at best, paying for  the table space and maybe some snacks. The same can be said for all other forms of…

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