#RPGaDay 30 Rarest RPG owned



So what is the oldest RPG that I own. Well this could be a tough one. I will have to dig deep and see what I have. I have a few so This could turn into another min list.




Metascape Lets just say that right off the bat I still have this game.. And after all these years I still have not played it.. It might be because It was one of the first WTF games.. as it came with not one but Two D16.. yeah that’s not a typo..

Sky Realms of Journe


Yet another game that sat on my self and has yet to be played.. again this system was odd in many ways.. and led to its own demise.

Judge Dread

download (7)

Sadly I am sensing a theme here. Its old .. I have it. And I have never played it.. DAMN..

Cadillac’s and Dinosaurs RPG


I think I grabbed this one saying it would be a classic one day. Also never played.


So what old RPG’s do you have laying around ?



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