#RPGaDay Will still play in 20 years ?



Oh wait, you want to have me narrow that down more,now I am not one of the die hard gamer’s that still rolls 1E D&D. But I have my fair share of older games that I still keep around and love. As a Matter of fact I managed I was lucky enough to even get a good game of WEG Star Wars down range at Storm-Con!  So Seriously what games do I think I might be still playing in 20 years from now.  Well to have the quality of being a game that I could still throw down in 20 years you have to have a few quality’s that you bring to the table.

1. You have to be a well written system that can stand up to 20 years of age and still be fun and not feel clunky.

2. Kiss, Keep it Simple Stupid.  One of the reasons why I was able to fondly look back on WEG Open D6 rules love the game 20 years later is because even after 20 years. I can recall a huge portion of the rules because they were simple and well thought out.

3. Open system/Core Rules leaving you the ability to run anything that has caught your eye over the last 20 years since the games creation.

This said in the example the of Star Wars 20 years later slips in the list as an honorable mention for two reasons. One it is a Tremendous Genre with a massive following and even more movies coming out over the next decade .. The new system is great. But D6 SW will always be look at as a old friend that can do it all just as well.

So what games do I think that have the strongest chance of still seeing game play in 20 years at my table.
I have pushed open D6 often in the last month but I honestly do not run it at my table. with the exception of SW as Storm-con. But Since discovering the Open D6 SRD.. I have been looking to put it in my wheelhouse of go too systems down the road.

There are two other systems that out distance it.

SW has so many options it just is easy to see how in 20 years that this game will be sitting on my shelf and make an appearance on the table over 20 years it is not hard to perceive it still being played from time to time in my groups.


FATE is the new monster on the block for many people. And some people shy away from it quickly at first because it is such a Open loose system.  And there in lies the quality that will leave it being played 20 years down the road. You can do anything with FATE. The more work you put into fate the more you can do with it.

There ya have it. My predictions of games I will be playing still in 20 years


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