Creature Feature: Mimic

Oh Mimic, you wonderful monster. You beautiful tool of Dungeon Master deceit. A favorite creature to throw into an unsuspecting groups lap. So often underestimated in its use. Often some of its best ability’s overlooked. Today we will touch much of what is overlooked about this great best. And then I’ll give you a few creative ways to throw one at your party.


Often all the comes of this wonderful little beast is in the form of a chest of treasure that leaps to life with gnashing teeth and that iconic pseudo-pod.  fist. As most of us have only ever experienced so much. Sadly this creature is much more than a parlor trick for an unlucky rogue who realizes with a lock pick in hand what he truly faces.

When in fact, the Mimic may take the form of any object or structure made of wood or stone.  Statues & alters would make fine objects of stone that might do well to catch your party truly off guard. As well as walls, floors, and  stairs. These simple things are also not beyond this creatures reach of forms to take.  And often the best forms are not the most eye-catching ones. This gives the mimic advantage to strike at its leisure.
The more insidious and wicked forms a mimic may take are often that of wood structures. Treasure chests may draw a party’s attention. But doors, chairs or maybe even that of a bed! Now, these forms not only do not draw attention but if a lurking mimic is lucky. Their victim will even go so far as to sit or lay right down on the surface of the mimic while they are off guard.  What makes the later forms so deadly. A mimic extrudes a glue like adhesive that holds a fast to anyone that grips the creature. What better way to lure your prey in before striking then taking the form of a bed?

The mimic is not only a cunning predator but it is also able to speak. Often negotiation with adventures for food. Providing valued information for its free passage and a few meals. A bite to eat and to live another day is a win even for a mimic.


Interesting encounter idea

After clearing out an ancient dwarf hold the party takes rest and account of the treasures as supplies that they liberated from the goblins that until a few hours ago made this place their home. A mimic is among the residents and when the PC’s begin to loot the hold he decides that a chest of loot is not what he cares to take a shape of for safety. Securing itself in the kitchen area it takes on the form of one of the many kegs of ale. As the party eats and drinks that night he creeps off to make a chance at a good meal. Taking the form of one of the beds and awaits the opportunity.  If the mimic is discovered as he hides among the ale. He will strike if the player is alone. And bargain if the party is prepared.


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