Gutter Rat Raiders !

The outlying villages recently have come under the threat of raiders. Goblins ride out of the darkness mounted on agile dire rats. Wielding crossbow, lance and cleavers.  They are the Gutter Rat Clan.

The adventures are hired to set into the forest and track these goblins down. Only the more the players look the more their leads point them in the direction of the city not the woodlands.

The Gutter Rats are a goblin clan based out of the city’s Sewer’s system.  They are a gang of goblin rouges lead by a nearly medium sized Wear-Rat Goblin called Choppa Boss. Choppa keeps his people to the back allies and is very careful not to draw attention to their tribe. This is why they have begun using the sewers to slip out of the at night and raid the local farm’s for food and supplies. Knowing that at least for a time this deception will allow his people to stockpile enough provisions to go back into  hiding before they are found out.
Choppa has committed nearly enough raids to fill his larders. The players will have only a month to root out the Gutter Rats. The Gutter Rats will leave the city each week for the next month. Once from the North, South, East and the final raid will be in the West. The Goblins use the main sewer exits from the city as a mode of travel in and out unseen to conduct their raids.

When the players encounter the goblins they will be in for a bit of a supplies. Goblin Rats are shape sifters. The Dire rat mounts the goblins ride into battle are actually goblins as well. Any of the Goblin raiders or Dire Rat mounts may shift from one form to the other with a standard action.  Combat with these goblins will be fast paced and tricky.


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