New Year’s Roundup

It’s a new year and a chance to try new things. For the first time in many a year as a gamer I find tons of high quality options at the ready for play. This might be the first time in the years since D20 has come to power that I will be playing three or more RPG games and none of them is a D&D game. And It’s a refreshing. With Fate Core quickly becoming a fresh break away stand out as an RPG. I have been wanting  for a while to try Dresden Files the RPG. And now I count myself lucky to be playing an a wonderful game of Dresden set in New Orleans. A wonderful setting for a wonderful game. And were now looking at Breaking out the Fate Core book and playing Nova Praxis.. and the setting looks amazing as well. Further updates on that to come.

The Pathfinder game I have been a part of for just over a year now is about to wrap up and I look forward to updates here of the Numenera game I will begin to host for that group soon. The system excites me on many levels. I have run it at two conventions now and the manner that each game has been played by each of the separate groups.. I find refreshing.

With all things new we find time to still try some old school games, Never forget the past I say.. even if the rules of Harn Master can get you killed in one bad roll flat. But its been a great game and I look forward to the path that story takes. Man is it a deadly world of swords and wizardry.

Last but not least I have been trying my hand playing Mutants and Masterminds 3E.. what a cool take on the D20 system..

That’s a quick game round-up. What games are you playing ?


  1. Well, funny enough, I think I’m playing all the same things as you except I have a second a Savage Worlds game rather than Numenera. Fate Core is probably my favorite of the systems we’ve been playing. It makes things refreshingly simple while letting you do some very imaginative things. I’m not that crazy about Mutants and Masterminds the more we play it. It is very hard to balance with the powers that are in play. I wish the Super Power book for Fate Core had come out sooner.


    • The more I play Fate Core the more I like the system. Its a great setting. I wonder how it would handle a more combat heavy setting? It works perfectly for dramatic and story heavy games.


    • Good luck with it ! It’s a really robust setting for design. I just am on the fence with combat in M&M. I have played entire sessions where I have found myself unable to hit in combat with good rolls simply because the bad guy was rolling well also.


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