We now return to our regular program schedule

I am back after a very enjoyable yet all to brief birthday vacation at MACE gaming convention in North Carolina. Some of you might be be thinking “But wait MACE was two weeks ago. Give yourself a star because MACE Con was indeed two weeks ago. On the drive home from MACE I came down with a cold. Yeah some of you would call it CON Crud.. and maybe it was a combination of Con Crud and a regular cold. What ever it was it was bad on the scale of epic. I don’t recall even being awake last monday let alone being sick. By Tuesday I ached all over and on Wednesday my body could not decide if I would rather have a chill or a feaver. On Thursday I began to feel human again and finally on Friday I woke up out of the blue and felt amazing. Alright amazing is a little strong of a word for a subtle cough and still being congested come today on Monday. But none the less the show must go on. I have been itching to make a few new entries and get back on track.

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