Welcome and what to expect

Long ago I use to keep a notepad of all my Game ideas in one place for any instance when I would need a little something extra for my games. Every little idea that came to mind I penciled down and stored away in my own personal beat up brown leather binder of DM Goodness.  Sadly I no longer have that book. I will save that story for another time.

Well recently I picked up another notepad and I prepared to collect my ideas once more. I paused and made the choice to start this blog.  What I hope you will see in the coming days and weeks will be a collection of thoughts and Ideas on games and gaming in general. As well as reviews of things that might spark my interest or I hope will spark yours.This time the notebook is not just for me It’s for everyone.

What I hope will come of this blog is simple. I deeply hope that my knowledge and experience from years of gaming will make your games more fun and enjoyable. If I am able to reach even a few people and improve their gaming experience then this blog will have been a success.  With that in the words of some of my players   “Annnd Go! “


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