The Fix

Its festival season and the party is enjoying some well earned Rest and relaxation. Over the course of the day one of the knights is the apparent stand out in the crowd. He is well on his way to sweeping the whole event and taking first prize.
It’s  about mid day and your returning from breaking for lunch festivities. The second half of the tourney is about to begin. One of the players overhears two squire talking,  One is the large teen squire of the stand out knight speaking to another younger squire angrily “Do as I say and well all be rich! Give this to your master before he starts his first pass. Just slip it in his drink.” As Knight walks past and the boy roughly pulls the other Squire to the side “Trust me it has worked on the rest of the field it will work again. No one will be the wiser.”

The tourney horns trumpet and startle you drawing your eyes in direction of the noise. When you look back the boys are gone.

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