#RPGaDay2017 Day 17: Which RPG have you owned the longest but not played? #METASCAPE #RPG

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I feel so silly even saying this. I purchased Metascape back in the 90s when I heard it was a D16 system I honestly like most of the players that own this game MAY have only purchased this RPG because I wanted to say I owned a set of D16 lol.


I still to this day have the box and the dice but somewhere along the line I lost the minis. I can’t honestly tell you much about this game as it has sat on the shelf so long that I don’t even recall much about it. So there you have it, a game that has sat on my self-unopened since the 90s on my shelf and never to this day played.

#RPGaDay2017 Day 16: Which RPG do you Enjoy using as is? #StarWarsRPG


Star Wars, hands down is the one setting that in each of its incarnations I have not found myself with the need to adapt or alter. Every time at creators has dealt with this IP and bringing it to life they have taken such good care of presenting it. I never have found myself needing to alter it at once it hits my table.



#RPGaDay2017 Day 15: Which RPG do you Enjoy Adapting the Most? #CypherSystem #FATE

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In the day of Open System RPGs, This answer for me is the CYPHER System. Followed by the close second of FATE Accelerated & FATE.

csr-mockup-coverCypher System

On a personal level, I love the way that the CYPHER System plays both plays and runs. I find that the system loans itself very intuitively to mimic many other RPG settings with fall less bulk. That is an accomplishment that leaves a GM wanting to find more settings to sick the Cypher ruleset with.





FATE & FATE Accelerated fall in second for me on this because of the amount of front end work that goes into preparation for a game of FATE. Both Cypher and FATE have some front end work but FATE requires more so it is edged out just slightly in my opinion.

#RPGaDay2017 Day 14: Which RPG do you Prefer for Open Ended Campaign Play?


I am going to dip old school for my answer for this question. When I think open ended campaign game play I think about the need for a tremendous amount of things that your players can do.  Things that will affect the story but might not “Level them up”. In this case, we are needed to find a game that has several features that will keep things interesting so our players also do not feel like they are in any rush to level up.

My pick in this instance.



Better yet with the current popularity of Game of Thrones, I would imagine that many players would jump at the chance to get in on the politics of a birthright game these days.

We all have seen now the awesome fun that can be hand making alliances moving armies and negotiating alliances. A Birthright game can set the landscape of an open ended campaign for years of play.

Best of all there are active homebrew sites that have adapted the current ruleset to 5E use.

#RPGaDay2017 Day 13: Describe a Game Experince that Changed How you Play?

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It took me a bit of thinking to decide on an experience that has changed how I play the game. After some thought, I will say that for me it was not an in game Experience that changed how I play the game. It happened to me as I was reading new system.


That system would be Monte Cook’s Numenera. For me, up until this point of gaming. I had never thought about not rolling any dice as a DM. Additionally, I was entirely floored by the simplicity and elegance of the system as a whole.

After reading this book and the following bestiary. The idea of making my life as a DM easier not harder became a motto for me in all my games. It sent me on a quest to amass any and all tools that I could use during games to allow me to focus all of my energy on running the game not “managing the game”

I know it was not the first to do this but for me, it was the first to open my eyes to the concept.

#RPGaDay2017 4th Day: What RPG Have you Played the Most Since August 2016? #DND

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D&D 5E

This will sound pretty crazy but with 2 every week and 3 games every other week I will have to say it is pretty much a three-way tie this year. So who are the three lucky RPGs? If it was not for the bi weekly D&D game that I joined about half way through the year It would have been very close to a three-way tie between,

  • D&D
  • Shadowrun
  • Savage Worlds

Sadly this year real life had a heavy impact on our game schedule quite often. I think we had more games called off than in the previous two years combined. Let’s hope between now and next year we break that habit and not set a new record.




#RPGaDay2017 1st Day What Published RPG do you wish you were playing right now?

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Well #RPGaDay is once again here. Last year I was prepared but this year it snuck up on me and caught me totally unprepared. But to be honest that is part of the fun of RPGaDay. Thankfully this year it looks like many of the questions simpler. I appreciate that as 31 hard hitting blog posts in a month is a hearty word count and can strip the old brain and send you spiraling into the abyss of burn out.

Before we get into these I will say I am going to do a few of them in quick rapid fire style when I get the chance. I will schedual them to post on the days they come up as normal. Over the years I have really enjoyed taking part in all of the #RPGaDay questions and I imagine this year will be much the same. SO lets kick off year four shall we!

What published RPG do you wish you were playing right now?

Well there is some irony in this question due to the fact that while I am typing this very blog I am sitting in my FLGS. I have chosen to take this time to do RPG related blogs in my element and it really fuels my energy when I blog here. So what RPG hmmm…

Lets have a look around the store right now and see if we can narrow it down a bit because I am in that kind of a mood.

Table 1.
Mouse Guard

The regular board game group has recently opted to play a bi weekly game of Mouse Guard and I am very much currently wishing that I was able to hop in that game. But the DM is newer and he already is pushing his player limit enough.

Table Two.
7th Seas.

Man, Swashbuckling adventure on the high seas in one of the best systems to do it in. They set the standard by which all other swashbuckling games after would have to measure up to. I have an open invite to that game but it is already tipping the scales of an 8 man group.

Table Three
FFG Rouge Trader.

Warhammer 40K the RPG. A gaming experience that is grim gory and a utter blast, literally and figuratively with the right Game Master. My son is currently playing in the group and I am pretty darn Jealous because FFG Rouge Trader is a game that I have never actually had the pleasure to play! Now i know some of you might be like well hop in and game with the boy. I would but this is his group and friends to shine with. As a father who's son has autism I have a boat load of pride knowing he has rapidly begun to expand the games he plays under his belt since we started coming to the FLGS ever week. I will get my chance at FFG Rouge Trader sooner or later.

So I think we have a winner. What Published RPG would you like to be playing right now?
FFG Rouge Trader