Wizkids unveils Unpainted Mini product

Earlier this month Wizkids announced that they were preparing to release a new line of minis for gamer’s in the 4th quarter this year. This is not the first time that WizKids has put out a line of unpainted minis. Back in the day of Mage Knight they had released a very nice line of figures with the help of Ral Partha.

There will be several differences between that line from years ago and this one. This is aimed to focus on something that many gamers have been screaming to the rafters at for many years that they would wish for game companies to do. Packaging sets of monsters & Characters in several poses! This is HUGE for a GM who wants to assemble small mobs of monsters of the same types. The details so far say that the 150 sculpt set will have.



lowlevelThe collection will include iconic characters, creatures, and even scene-building elements, all available in three types of specialty packs that will each contain a variety of sculpts:

  • Hero Packs will contain both a low-level and high-level sculpt of the same featured character.
  • Designed with army-building in mind, Monster Packs will contain 1-3 miniatures with different poses of a single monster.
  • Item Packs will contain scenery and items for detailing adventures.

leveled-upThe highly detailed miniatures feature an enhanced sculpting process, which highlights minute elements, and includes deep cut surface detail and scaled features for easier hand painting. They also come in dynamic and exciting poses, are pre-primed with Acrylicos Vallejo paint, and are ready to go directly out of the box. Customize the look and feel of your characters and campaign like never before

I over my years have known many gamers as well as myself that hunt for miniatures in and out of combat poses or mounted. Knowing that now there will be a line of figures out there focused on exactly this kind of thing is awesome. I was able to find an image of one of the minis other than the Wizkids photos and the details look pretty great !


Not to mention Scenery packs! There are plenty of Dwarven forge and Hirst arts stuff out there.But Scenery and furnishings are hard to come by and it makes me happy as a GM to know that there might now be a nice line of products for me to fill all my dwarven forge layouts with at a cheaper scale. As of now I have not seen or been able to find any images of the scenery items but If they hold up to the same level of quality I will be very pleased.



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