Getting Back to Normal…


Hello there everyone, the more things change the more they stay the same. Last  year around this time I took a big break from the blog because of the terrible flooding in the area that had occurred. My FLGS was devastated in this flood, as were many other businesses in the region. But unlike big box companies FLGS often live and die by their gaming patrons. These days being out of operation for a week, two weeks or more.. for many stores is a death sentence. For those that do get their doors open. They are faced with overcoming the tremendous loss in stock. But the gaming community came out in force then to help lift the store back up and get gaming returning to normal in our community in just a few days.

Fast forward 12 months and enter last week’s hurricane. Everyone including the owners knew the waters were coming. It was not a question of will the store flood as much as how bad will it flood. As well as had enough precautions been taken to minimize any damage once the waters receded. Alas, the waters were higher than last year. Last year it was called the 100-year flood. Hurricane Matthew hit and remained all the way through not one high tide but two. The storm surge was considerable. The rain didn’t stop, and when it was calm enough to return to check how the storm had withstood the elements. Let’s just say what you all are thinking. Water and our hobbies are not compatible.

(The First photo is a view from the parking lot of the store. The second shot is facing back at the store… The last two were of the neighboring malls parking lot.) I will spare you the photos of the game store itself.

Yet this is not a blog about the damage that the store sustained. This is a blog how proud I am to see my fellow gamers come out in force to help one of their local stores. Before the water had fully receded the local gaming community arrived to lend a hand or a dollar where they were needed or could. Sorting damage product from that which survived they set to the task of assisting the owners in the recovery of their beloved FLGS. Gamers pitched in to help their game store and it was inspiring. I am proud to be a part of this gaming community and prouder to share this little story.

Today is Wednesday the waters are gone. Since Monday the stores has been open. Less than a week ago the front of the store looked like the above photos. Yet all signs point to Friday Night Magic happening without missing a beat. That’s a pretty great community of gamers and I am proud to be a part of it. That store is The Green Dragon, it is our store. Things are getting back to normal.






That’s Right its in your face again ! This Saturday April 5th Gamer’s get together all over the world and chuck dice together. It will be the Second International  Table top day !

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