Races of Aquatica: Elves

Races of Aquatica: Elves



    There are a variety of races on Aquatica, most are native to this world but others are either magical evolutions/mutations, transplants or invaders. The two main invaders are Atlanteans and Astral Elves. There are many other transplants from other dimensions, such as the Fey.
This is the first installment of the races of my world and will be updated as needed.



Astralus (Astral Elves)
     Astralus are tall and slender, averaging well over 6 feet in height. Their hair is usually blond, white or silver and they commonly dye it in pastel colors. The most common eye color is light blue or violet.
They are a transplant to this world, but instead of conquering it like their cousins the Atlanteans did, when they arrived through the Dimensional Portal, they became one with Aquatica’s Spirit. They are true protectors of the Natural World, nurturing and healing Ley Lines, Nodes and her creatures. A war between Astralus and Atlanteans, long ago created the defiled wastelands on this World. Creatures and plants were mutated, some beyond recognition and altered parts of the world for centuries to come. The Astralus made it their purpose to heal these scars that they helped cause. Elves are Preservers, where most Atlanteans are Defilers.
In their home Dimension, they had advanced/evolved so far that they left their bodies behind. Some soon became bored with a society of purely spiritual and intellectual pursuits, so they searched for a new home where they could live. They found a young world–Aquatica, and discovered when they arrived that she was a living planet. They became here self-appointed caretakers.
Because of their connection to Aquatica they have no restrictions on learning elemental spells, they also can use these spells at will. Once they learn one version of a spell, other variations aren’t needed. Psionics are easy for them to master.
Astralus live in Hy-Braseal, the Isle of the Beautiful. This is their ancient tree home (ship), that can only be seen once every seven years during the lunar conjunction, otherwise it is in-phase with the Astral Plane. Only those from the Astral Plane can enter the city at any other time.
Kodragons and other astral creatures are a common sight flying around. Their favored pets are a hybrid between a bird and a fish.


Wood Elves
Are the standard elves in the PHB. The only difference is that they are the direct descendants of the Astralus and as such can take a racial feat at first level to reflect their astral ancestry.

Wild Elves
This sub-race of elf is small like halflings and similar to the elves in the Elfquest book series. In early childhood they are bonded to an animal from the local terrain, this is their companion and/or mount for the rest of their life. The wild elf and companion are soul mates, and make each other complete.
They have a telepathic/empathic bond with this animals that is treated as a druidic animal companion (-2 levels) and the abilities stack with any mount/cohort/companion or improved familiar of any class taken, the only time a second animal can be bonded is if they are mated. Wild empathy checks never need to be used as they will always follow you, do as you ask and protect the wild elf.
The Wild Elves only have a short lifespan so live life to the fullest.  Rarely living past 40 years, of course this does extend the lifespan of their companion beyond their normal.  If one does die before the other, the one left tends to pine away and can never bond again.

     Wild Elves live in the present, rarely thinking about the past or future. Not much keeps their attention for long, except food, shelter, safety, and family.
     They are a friendly, but secretive people, if you become their friend, you are until proven otherwise. Grudges are rarely held, as they would be forgotten in days or weeks.
     They have an oral tradition, that the shaman keeps. He is the only one that has a longer memory than the common wild elf. These memories are kept in natural objects with a memory spell imbued in them to keep the memory alive. Sometimes these memories are imbued in the paint used on cave walls. When he is near these objects, they can speak to him and share their wisdom from the past.

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