#RPGaDay2017 23rd Day Which RPG has the most Jaw-Dropping Layout? #DresdenFiles #EvilHat


dresdenfilesThe only thing that could make the Dresden files RPG look any better would have been to use real post-it notes and have sold a ring binder version of the book and that would be INSANE!

But the layout of the book from the moment you open it gives you the EXACT sensation that they want to bring out in you. When you open the book you feel as if you have been handed something that is dear to someone yet a work in progress. With Post-its and Highlights, everything about the layout of this book just pulls you in!

I love the conversations that take place in the side bar that inform you of the world yet remain in character, everything about the way this product was designed was a home run.

The only other RPG product that has ever done this style so well that I can recall is a VERY old Product calle HOL. (Human, Occupied, Landfill). That said where HOL was funny. Dresden is far more effective and still is funny!


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