#RPGaDay2017 Day 12: Which RPG has the Most Inspiring Art?


So here we are on Monday the 14th and we are playing a little bit of catch up today. After a good weekend and I realized that I had slipped up and forgot to keep up with my days. So let us get to today’s, wait three days ago’s question.

I am going to go with three systems. Two have set the bar so high recently that I think they should be considered the standard in what other game companies should try to reach. The artwork of Fragged Empire & FAITH. These two games breathtaking art just brings their worlds to life in a vivid fashion. I am a huge fan of the art in both of these products.

Fragged Empire

Fragged Empire has wonderful artwork that makes keeps you wanting more and makes the whole book a pleasure to read.


Faith takes it one step further and the cards and sheets you use are all crafted with the intent to draw you further into the game.



Recently I have had another game pull me in close with its artwork and I wanted to know everything I could about it. I look forward to finding the chance to get this game on the table soon.


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