Monday Muse: Striking a Balance

In the last few days, I have begun to find myself out of balance. I was beginning to get a little blogged out with my personal blog. We all have been there, we sit down we knew we want to write something for our blog and you just don’t feel inspired. It’s almost worse than writer’s block in a way. So I told myself that what I needed to do was write about something other than gaming for a bit and see if that would revitalize my spirit.

With this in mind, I recently took on some freelance work blogging to bring in some extra income as well as polish and improve my personal writing skills. I will be the first to admit that there are plenty of times my self-taught style gets in the way of itself. The one benefit it did provide was a voice all my own. So I jumped into the new project with both feet and was eager to see the results.

Since I have started I noticed a few things that surprised myself. First I like the work. It’s a nice change of pace and often it requires me to think about what I am writing in a voice other than my own. Second, it has improved my personal blogging as I had hoped. Yet at the same time, I had begun to notice the balance swinging back in the other direction. I found recently that I was taking on too much and it was detracting from all of my projects resulting in work taking too much of my time and hobby and blog falling entirely by the wayside.

So here we are as I move into July and strive to strike a new found balance. One that will balance work blogging and my personal blogging again. Because If I do not find that balance I will burn myself out in both work and PPG blogging and that would be tragic.


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