Monday Muse Inspiration!

Inspiration; elusive, fleeting, but always desired. I want to remind all of my fellow players and Game Masters alike to always be open to inspiration and ready to take advantage of it when that moment happens. When inspiration does hit do not hesitate record it. Moments of inspiration can be just that, moments. Record your idea before you forget it or find yourself distracted and likely lose your inspiration. I likely do not have to tell you how frustrating that feels.

In years past my advice would be to keep a pen and a small notebook handy at all times. But in the age of the cell phone, we have so much better tools at our fingertips to take advantage of such things. This is a good thing as well because inspiration can come in nearly any form or medium. Sometimes a picture is definitely worth a thousand words if it was a visual thing that inspired us!

Great tools to capture your inspiration these days are just ready to be had. With the best of them even being free and just begging you to use them. With amazing applications out there these days like OneNote (My personal go to) and Evernote (One of the most popular out there for a reason), As well as your personal phones note taking apps. There is not much stopping you from capturing inspiration when it strikes.

Thus we come to the hardest part of my Monday muse. With so many ways to capture inspiration at our fingertips. You still have to learn to take hold of your inspiration and write it down!  in the moments when we have it that we need to act on it because often inspiration will slip your memory as fast as it dawned on you.

All of these tools are great for recording inspiration but they do nothing to help us become inspired. Personally, teaching one’s self to be in the habit of looking for inspiration is much harder than actually becoming inspired. Opening yourself up to your environment and experiences to stimulate your own personal inspiration is a powerful skill when you get into the habit of looking for inspiration.

It can be a frustrating task to teach yourself to get into the habit of looking for things to inspire you if you try too hard. Just be ready to record it and let it happen. As long as you are ready for it hopefully in no time you will be missing fewer and fewer moments of inspiration.

And lastly, always have a pen and paper handy !



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