The Attack of the Pat. Hilariously still trying to stay relevant.

Here we go again, Pat Robertson is serving it up talking crazy about D&D. But yet again no one is buying what he has to sell. We’re not in the 80s anymore Pat, gaming has gone full on mainstream now and that crazy talk that you spun back then that did so much damage to the hobby will get you nothing but laughter now.

So here you go for your enjoyment. Pat is so out of touch these days that he can’t even recall the name Dungeons & Dragons and Its likely games like World of Warcraft and such that would be the other online game.. he was trying to recall.

Thankfully D&D survived the witch hunts of the Pat and others that felt the need to try and demonise punish and shame people for playing a game they did not understand or even take the time to take a deeper look into the facts that were being blamed on the game.

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