#RPGaDay2016 Day:26 What Hobbies go well with RPG’s?


For I have a whole list of hobbies that you can get into and


Miniature painting, This can be a good time to relax and reflect on past games or paint figures for the upcoming game sessions. Painting Minis also adds personalisation to your table really just makes your figure stand out. In the age of prepainted figures. Seeing that touch of personalization is awesome. Even more so once you have gotten good at it lol.

538076-Chibi, Cute, Group, Hero, Sde, Sodapop, Super Deformed, Super Dungeon Explore

Bloging can really be a ton of fun and rewarding as a hobby. Just do it for you. Maybe blog about your parties adventures or use it as a log to recap each week’s adventures. Heck, that is how I got my start.
Card Games & Board Games
Card games & Board Games go hand in hand with RPG’s. If a player is a no show you can always throw down some good old Board Games and save the night from being a total loss!
There are a ton of Boardgames that feel like RPGs they are done so well. Before your next game session is called due to a no show, Pull out a box and give another game a try.
P.S. Step away from monopoly and give some real good games a look. board-games-3

War Games
Wargaming is a big change of pace from and RPG game. One added benefit is if you love combat maybe a good wargame before the group meets might get that craving for combat out of you. Additionally, you get another awesome benefit.

If you’re already are a Hobby Painter and you pick a war game that has minis that you might use in your RPG’s. Now you benefit from your Painting hobby for both RPG’s and the War Game Table!


So what are some hobbies you enjoy that go well with your gaming ?


  1. I really hope your typo of blogging as boggling was not intended! That made my day!

    I am terrible at war games and have the artistic talents of a slug but I love blogging about games and gaming. I think most rpg bloggers have an excess of ideas that they simply could not run all the games they dream of. I am running three different games with three different rule variations but all set either in Waterdeep or in the north. I could not run any more games.

    Blogging let’s me get these ideas out and share them and you make a load of online ‘friends’ out of it.

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    • The last few days I have been trying to dictate some of my blogs on my phone. Then I come back and check on the PC before I post them. When my Autocorrect missed it and I missed it it slipped right past lol.


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