Rifts for Savage Worlds-Impressions

Rifts_Site-300x250Well, it’s about that time. We only have a few days left until Savage Worlds Rifts is a reality! Like many of you, I have been chomping at the bit to get any and all the info about it I can. This has been a fun Kickstarter to watch as it progresses as they release lol teases along the way. But the worst part for a fan of both systems like me. I just leave you wanting more and MORE!

That is itself might be the best part of this project. The hungry fans are a sure sign thus far that it looks like they have to take care to make sure they did this project right. Always a good sign when it comes to translating the spirit of a property from one to another. I say translating because remember this is not a conversion from one system to another as much as it is an homage or a labor of love.

Well as this last weekend was on us I had a moment of silly clarity dawn on me… I have reviewed many many Savage Worlds products and yet… I never even asked if I could get my hands on a copy of the book for review ! Facepalm moment. So I did just that, I quickly reached out to my friends at PEG and they were more than happy to provide me with a book to review !

As this blog is posting now I am reading the book that was provided. My review of the provided Rifts book will follow soon. I can tell you this thus far. The book feels like Rifts if the rifts books were done today. The art as you can tell from other images already released is RIFTS. And the flavor of what I have seen thus far Feels like RIFTS to me. That is quite an accomplishment by itself.

My review of the Savage Rifts Players Guide is Comming Soon!

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