Friend, Gamer Author Amber C. Carlyle

Back in September of 2014 I posted a blog about my Dear friend Amber Carlyle and that she was not only one of my gamer’s but she hand bravely strode into the world of writing as an Author of her first book. You can read that blog here. Tabletop Inspiration I will say that I was pretty darn proud of the attempt. You can also check out her blog Amber C. Carlyle, Author

It takes an extraordinary effort to write. I blog and at times it takes a colossal amount of effort to keep the words flowing. So I am impressed by her talent as well as her persistence to stay with it. After all as I said in 2014 most of us do not have the level of effort or commitment to sit down and even begin a novel. Amber Carlyle, The gamer that sits at my game table every week and plays RPG’s with me and my fellow gamer’s. Not only did she commit to sitting down and putting words to page. When she was done Between the Veil weighed in at 192 pages. Not a small accomplishment by any stretch of the word.

Where most would nod at the accomplishment and put it on the bucket list of things to do before they die. The Writers bug had Bitten Amber and she was already beginning to gather her notes to start her second novel in the series, Fae, Fire & Faith. In short order like a pro she finished that project coming in a respectable 220 pages!

Book two has been out for a while now having been released back in August. But a back log of Blogging and con running always kept me from getting too it. As well as my dear friend never even asked me to mention it on my blog. How silly of me to have taken so long to give it a mention! Not that she needs my help, If you look at her reviews shes is good at what she does. Her Books both nearly 5 full stars. With her Third book fully underway and in the beta stages of readings, I can proudly say that the Between the Veil series is not done yet !

You can follow Amber on her blog and her twitter if you would like to get to know her better! Let her know RPG sent you!

Links for your convince to her blog and Twitter


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