Tabletop Insperation

Well  we have all been there. We have a stellar game night. We fall in love with our character. And later we have a discussion of I wish this campaign was a book so I could share it or it was recorded so other people could sit in and see how awesome it was ! Well my friend and fellow gamer and now author has now not only talked about it. But gone the extra mile and made it happen.
With her first book “Not So Picture Perfect” She introduces us to a world of mystery and something so much more. And even more exciting for me I am one of the players in that story. Because the “possibly dangerous character, Ash”  Well I might have a hand at being the mind behind his personality at the table.

You can find her personal blog over here at:

And her Book now on Amazon here !
Not So Picture Perfect (Between the Veil Book 1)

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